Unspoken Truth: Reflections of Life

Unspoken Truth: Reflections of Life

The messages given throughout this book are written for you! Poetry is a pathway for us to express ourselves and to connect to what we all experience in our travels of life. You’ve seen the hurt we all go through and have wanted to understand why we must experience such pain. There is that internal feeling you have right now to make sense of it all. With this book, you are allowed to see how life-changing events can be the driving force for transformation. I’ve been a successful innovator in teaching and guiding people to find their best life for many years. As a recognized social worker, allow me to take you to places you need today so you can let go of the past. Memories that weigh you down can be lifted by digging into each poem and message. You are walking towards a door with the key that provides a new direction for you if you choose to go inside.


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