Introduction to Moral Reconation Therapy

This modality is one of our proven treatment methods to demonstrate positive outcomes that do create real changes within an individual. MRT is a cognitive-behavioral counseling program that combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients. A participant begins by reading the first 38 pages of the "How to Escape Your Prison" workbook, and this book must always be brought to the group with them regardless of they are presenting a step or not. The participant will learn about the basis of this model and gain a better understanding of the process after concluding their reading. Now they are in the driver seat and can start the transformation that will take them to a destination they have been painfully waiting for.

Step one is about becoming honest, and the chapter will ask a participant to complete a pyramid of life events that led them to their present situation. They compile their pyramid by drawing, not writing to convey their story. The pyramid is about doing things differently and having choices, and we want them to realize they always possess this. Once this is completed, they move on to present their testimony. The importance of testimony is to identify how they have been dishonest to others and how their behavior has impacted those around them, including their community. The testimony is memorized by the participant, and they cover ten bullet points that are asked of them in chapter one. By memorizing this, it will help them internalize the information covered and can be a guide to reshaping their behavior moving forward.

In MRT, we don't tell them what they need to change; they must discover it for themselves. Their peers are instrumental in this model and provide positive feedback, and MRT is about a personal self-journey. Peers also contribute to critiquing step work that needs to be modified before it can be passed and supporting one another in reaching their optimal potential. The facilitator will be an active guide during this process and will add insight and clarity when appropriate or needed to enhance the learning of the steps. If you have a desire to evolve as a person and know today that your life can improve, consider this model. It begins by being honest with yourself and not selling yourself on continuing what you are doing now!

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