How Jails Are Misusing COVID-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic that forces us to make some changes today, and that may push us into a new way of living in the future. Leaders in our communities must make difficult decisions that will not be welcomed, or that will seem unfair. As our community leaders grab the reigns of this challenge, let them not use this opportunity to displace those who are disadvantaged. There is an obvious need to protect one another, but we can modify how we provide service without leaving others behind. A detention center has people dealing with substance use and mental health disorders. They are boxed in right now without the liberties the rest of us have to cope with such troubling times. The ignorance that their social connections should be severely minimized and there is no regard for their spiritual and emotional well-being is morally wrong. These deliberate actions have been a dangerous act of disregard for the welfare of those incarcerated. Detention center management has no right to justify taking away the rights of people to participate in ordinary spiritual acts, educational sessions, and enhanced treatment by hiding behind COVID-19. We today have technical abilities, and other measures can be enacted to safeguard everyone in ensuring the incarcerated aren't overlooked. It should be considered a criminal offense how a detention center used a global pandemic and wielded their power to marginalize once again those who are incarcerated.

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